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Customer Loyalty Scheme

Keep your customers coming back with both single and multi-site loyalty. With Tillypad XL Customer Loyalty, customers can use their loyalty cards to accrue points for use at your venues or receive a discount on purchases.

Stock Control

See how Tillypad XL's stock control can reduce wastage and boost profits for your business. Stock control is vital for any business because what you sell, buy, and waste has a big impact on your bottom line.

Handheld EPOS

A POS in the palm of your hand. Our system will run on any Android or iS device of your choosing. These options are low-cost but deliver the same functionality as a fixed EPOS terminal.

Single or Multisite

From single-site, single-Pas operations to large international operations, the Tillypad XL Hospitality Management System is fully scalable and ready to grow with your business.


Stay in control and plan your table capacities with Tillypad XL's built-in reservation feature.

Discounts & Promotions

The Tillypad XL Hospitality Management System has a whole host of discounts and promotional options that encourage customers to visit your venue and buy from you.

Security Access & Controls

Tillypad XL increases security, as Management can specify exactly which staff members can perform different functions in the system.

Management Information Reports

Tillypad XL gives you a wide variety of reports, including sales reports, profit margins and stock levels, to name just a few. If you work remotely or from an office, reports can be emailed directly to you.

Easy to Use & Manage

Change prices and add new products quckly and accurately with no disruption to your business.

IPTV POS Surveillance

With the addition of an inexpensive IP camera you can see who is using the POS, what they are doing and what buttoms they are pressing . This is a serious deterrent to unsanctioned activities.

Kitchen/Bar Dispense Printer

Print anything anywhere, streamline your operation with multiple kitchen printers or add a drink dispense printer for your wait staff Fewer delays mean happier customers.

Time & Attendance

Add staff rota details, use the POS to clock in and out, and even calculate salaries in the system.

Client Tabs/Accounts

Pay bills to accounts, tabs or rooms. Ideal for corporate customers or venues that offer accommodation.

Cashless Payment System

Whether you are a large operation or a smaller members-only club, remove the need to carry money by topping and paying with a smart card.

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