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Do you want to
save on hardware
and software?
Tillydroid is a piece of cake
in bars
in bistros
in cafeterias
in street food venues and kiosks
in cafes and coffee shops
in takeaway shops
What will you need and how much will it cost?
+ TILLYPAD licence for ANDROID tablet
per month
one-off Payment
Why is Tillydroid the choice of pragmatic hospitality professionals?
All you need and nothing more

Convenient, intuitive

and easy-to-use

for every employee

Reasonable budget

Just £15 per month + your tablet

is all you need to organise sales

and analyse key business figures

Saves room

No need to buy,

connect and house

large traditional POS terminals

Tillydroid runs on inexpensive

& mobile tablets


Our friendly and professional support team

are on hand to make sure you always

take best care of your guests

by providing a fast service


Your data is stored securely

in the cloud on reliable servers.

Simple and straightforward

No additional payments

or hidden conditions.

Everything under control

All reports in real time

or for any period.

Quick start

The day you purchase a licence

you will be able to run your venue.

What are you capable of together with Tillydroid?
Combine speed with accuracy to provide first class customer service
Monitor food cost and profits and maintain stock control
Motivate and manage staff
Implement loyalty programmes and promotions
Receive insightful reports online
Attach a host of peripheral devices including printers, scanners and cash drawers
Opening your business? It’s not scary with Tillydroid!
With Tillypad for Android, your business is in your hands.
You see where you are going and what you can improve to boost your profits. Use our insightful reports to understand which figures need your full attention and what positive trends should be developed.
Pay as you go – No contract & no commitment
You have complete flexibility.  If you decide to pause or close your project, you can simply freeze it and leave with minimal losses. Tillydroid's monthly payments can be halted at any time.
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