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Independent restaurants

If your restaurant has a good cuisine, the guests most likely have already inquired if their favourites could be delivered to their homes and offices. You decided to expand your services to get extra profit from the delivery services.

Great оpportunities with Tillypad Delivery
Integration with PBX and VoIP

You can work with different locations and restaurants of various concepts at the same time: pizzerias, sushi bars, fast food restaurants etc. In addition to its own menu and price policy, each venue can also have a separate phone number.

Registering each call

As soon as the operator receives a phone call from the customer registered in the database, the caller's personal card is opened, which saves your time when filling in contact details. You can also monitor the order status history for each customer, which means that all the required information will be at your fingertips in any disputable situation.

Customer Database Management

By looking at the customer's preferences, the operator can make individual recommendations regarding the choice of dishes or suggest additional items for the order. This option is also helpful if the customer has forgotten the name of an item they liked, e.g. the type of pizza ordered previously.

Integration with restaurant's workflow

Support of bonus and accumulative loyalty programs, discounts, and gifts, purchase management, stocktaking, cost price calculation, stock on hand tracking, financial accounting, staff motivation, and hundreds of informative reports—all of this is also available with Tillypad Delivery.

Options for recording customer's individual wishes

Guests can take away orders from the restaurant, place preorders several days prior to the required date, add items to the current orders before sending the courier with the delivery, and ask for additional serving sets and ingredients. Tillypad makes it easier to provide high-quality customer-driven services.

Logistics and production control

Delivery process consists of several stages ensuring that the order, prepared to the taste and wishes of the customer, doesn't get lost or delayed on its way. At each stage the guest tab is assigned one of the following statuses: waiting for preparation, preparation started, en route, etc.). At the indicated time, the employees in charge receive reminders to complete each stage so that the courier could deliver the order on time.

Increasing speed and efficiency of business-processes

Upon registration, the order is marked as ‘waiting for preparation’ and immediately goes to the chef. If required, food preparation can be started manually. In order to optimise the workflow, you can set a time limit for food preparation and courier delivery. Automatic task reminders will help to avoid any delays.

Easy workflow management

At any stage, orders can be easily tracked: all changes in the order are saved within the system, while effective status-based filters allow you to quickly estimate the division load. This way, if necessary, the administrators and managers can take a right decision in the right time.

Geocoding and heatmap

Geocoding helps the operators to fill in the delivery address, appoint the restaurant responsible for order preparation and logistics, and calculate the time required for the courier to deliver the order —all of this in no time at all. A user-friendly report allows you to monitor the distribution of orders on the map in real-time.

Courier service management

Assign couriers and control the cash provided to them: together with the order, the courier receives order's sales receipt, the bill with the delivery address and, if necessary, cash to provide change to the customer. As the shift ends, each courier has to balance out cash received and handed over. Only when all sums are in perfect order can a business day be closed. This facilitates the work of managers easier and ensures that cash flow remains transparent.

Integration with PBX and VoIP

You can work with different locations and restaurants of various concepts at the same time: pizzerias, sushi bars, fast food restaurants etc. In addition to its own menu and price policy, each venue can also have a separate phone number.

Check out how Tillypad Delivery works

As soon as the call form a regular customer comes in, the program automatically defines their phone number and opens the entry window. There is no need to fill in the details of the delivery: Tillypad will offer the list of the addresses that the customer has already used for deliveries. At this stage, you can specify the date and time (if the order is postponed), the number of guests, the source from which the customer learned about your venue, and any other important details. All fields are configurable: you can add more or delete any of them.

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