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How will EPOS benefit my hospitality business?

 The top reasons to introduce Tillypad XL!

Technology has become an essential part of streamlining customer service within the hospitality industry. If you own a single site café or a group of restaurants/bars the introduction of Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) can help to revolutionise the way your business runs. EPOS offers much more than simply a place to stash the cash!




Happy customers are regular customers! The introduction of an EPOS system can reduce waiting times and increase the efficiency of service. EPOS allows employees to process orders quickly and accurately and enables them to answer customer queries in moments.


Introduce loyalty programmes  Branded loyalty cards and the opportunity to earn points and discounts will keep your customers coming back for more. This will also present you with an opportunity to collect data and produce targeted marketing. A customer list is a valuable asset to your business and often overlooked within the hospitality industry. 

Improved customer experience — The introduction of handheld ordering will reduce waiting times for your customers, with orders transmitted instantly to the kitchen or bar from the tableside. Even new employees will quickly become product experts with the ability to answer questions on allergen information or menu item ingredients instantly at the tableside. Tillypad XL can also prompt your employees to upsell products or recommend additional items such as matching wines. This contributes to great customer service with the added benefit of increasing your bottom line.

Queue management — EPOS Systems have the capacity to greatly reduce transaction time with fast, intuitive touchscreen displays. This reduces queuing time and improves customer satisfaction.





One of the key benefits of EPOS is the ability to measure and manage business activities. Tillypad XL generates numerous detailed reports providing you with a clear overview of business performance. This information covering key areas will allow you to make improvements and insight driven decisions to really benefit the day to day operation of your business.  


Clarity — The reports available within Tillypad XL can be tailored to measure numerous aspects of your business. Clear understanding of margins, sales and stock will allow for improved decision making.

Trends — Reports detailing top selling items, identifying quiet trading periods or spotting seasonal trends will allow you to dedicate appropriate resources and improve sales and service.

Know your customer — Understanding your most popular stock items is key to giving customers what they want. Tillypad XL reports also enable you to identify and discontinue less popular items and upsell surplus stock or higher margin items.



The insight gained from an intuitive EPOS solution such as Tillypad XL will allow you to manage the business finances with ease. A clear understanding of incoming revenue and outgoing costs ensure you will identify opportunities to make savings.


Inventory Management  Stock management is key to good business. Poor stock management can impact cash flow, increase wastage and easily be taken advantage of by dishonest staff.  EPOS will help to eliminate time consuming stock takes prone to human error and identify optimal stocking levels to ensure you never run out of popular products. Tillypad XL stock management will also help to cost recipes and give you accurate understanding of margins.


Employees  Staffing costs may be one of the largest expenses within your business. With Tillypad XL you can accurately assess footfall and always ensure you have the optimal level of employees at the right times. This can help to reduce an overinflated staff bill and ensure you are only paying employees that you need. Tillypad XL also helps to manage your payroll, with employees able to sign in through the EPOS system and working hours recorded. This will save time when completing payroll and give you clear oversight into the hours worked.


Accuracy — Poorly-written orders can lead to the preparation of the wrong food or drink, which not only equates to a waste of your stock it may also mean you have to compensate customers for delays or mistakes, either way you are losing profits. The introduction of EPOS increases order accuracy and enables you to minimise errors from the order process. This means fewer mistakes by employees using traditional pen and paper when taking orders which, lowers wastage, removes customer order errors and helps to improve the bottom line.



Your employees are the first point of contact and very often provide the first impression of your business. To enable great customer service you need to give them the best tools to do their job. Tillypad EPOS, utilising the latest technology will facilitate excellent customer service whilst allowing you to incentivise employee performance and boost profitability.


Incentivise your staff  EPOS will allow you to decipher who sold what, when and how often. You can reward top performers and celebrate employees who exceed targets. Tillypad EPOS will allow you to monitor performance and set targets for your employees such as weekly upsell tasks. This will promote the right behaviours and encourage some healthy competition amongst your employees.


User Friendly — Equipping employees with a simple front of house user interface means you can train new staff to become efficient on the system very quickly. Tillypad XL is an intuitive system that will reduce the average transaction time and allow your employees to serve more customers.

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